Under water film

Dry Caving

Puerto Aventuras Dry Caving and flooded cave exploration

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Last day of exploring in this system. We spent from 9am to 4:30pm under ground surfacing only briefly to change entrance. All in all the cave was small and crawly which was fun! My legs and arms are black and blue but it was totally worth it. There were some chest high sumps which we got to wade through and in to survey and see if they went (and also cool down). There were lots of laughs between a steady flow of jokes and Juans ‘cave spiders’. The past few days have been an amazing and valuable experience and i’m really looking forward to more dry caving in the not too distant future!

Film Shoot, Filming Development

Philip Gray – Casa Cenote ‘Extreme Art’

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Tempted to say my favourite of the shoot so far! The diversity of the cenotes here is just incredible! Today we headed to Casa Cenote and in Philip‘s words “the light beams are almost biblical”. To be honest this is such an aesthetic dive site and providing conditions are right as it’s connects straight into the ocean it really is hard to take a bad shot!

Filmed and edited by Katy Fraser
Lighting by Tamara Lelani May
Safety diver and logistics by Jaime De La Puerta Salazar
Music by WOLF-e-WOLF

Film Shoot, Filming Development

Philip Gray – Calavera ‘Extreme Art’

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We shot at Calavera  for the third canvas in the collection, otherwise know as the ‘Temple of Doom”. This was a more challenging shoot as the painting sat in the halo-cline and so a lot of the shots were hard to focus. The visibility wasn’t at it’s best and the beams not at their brightest. These things happen when your shooting on location and have no control over the elements and nature. Only two paintings left, and Philip has chosen Carwash and Casa Cenote. 

Filmed and edited by Katy Fraser
Lighting by Tamara Lelani May
Safety diver/logistics Jaime De La Puerta Salazar
Music by Zebbler Encanti Experience

Film Shoot, Filming Development

Philip Gray – Pit II ‘Extreme Art’

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We went back to ‘The Pit’ today for Philip‘s second canvas of the collection and to experiment with some different paint application techniques. Another beautiful painting emerged from the depths boasting a particularly spectacular perspective of the Pit.

Up bright and early tomorrow for a change of site for Shoot III – Canvas III.

Filmed and edited by Katy Fraser
Lighting by Tamara Lelani May
Music by Zebbler Encanti Experience
Safety Divers Jaime De La Puerta Salazar & Skanda Cophield


Filming Development, Music Video

Behind the scenes of ‘Nature’

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Quick peak on location at Diving Prestige SA and behind the scenes for the music video. Trying very hard on this edit not to give too much away! This is will be last video diary until the Music Video is finished for spoiler purposes.

The aim of the finished product is to echo the theme of ‘Metamorphosis’ by the way of movement, visual transition and colour.

Filmed and edited by Katy Fraser
Model SJ Bennett
Music by Bassline Drift

Filming Development, Music Video

Pool Material Testing

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Some behind the scenes in preparation for the next creative shoot, another underwater OFFICIAL Music Video for Bassline Drift .

We got some surprisingly aesthetic shots playing around in our little pool with material and ideas … and maybe had way too much fun!

Filmed and edited: Katy Fraser
Model: SJ Alice Bennett
Music: Estranged by DYR FASER

Film Shoot, Filming Development, Music Video

OFFICIAL Music Video – Bassline Drift ‘Drink the Water Down’

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This ‘water’ led a someone down a deep rabbit hole that has her a little confused, but, everything is beautiful so she has no need to worry. Everything will continue to be beautiful and no reason to fear because fear is only an illusion in the mind.

So proud to have had the opportunity to direct, shoot and produce this very special music video. It has been a totally different area of filming for me and one I have definitely fallen in love with. Many, many hours of hard work, both in the Cenotes of the Riviera Maya and behind the computer have gone into this one!

I am very excited to share it with you all!


Directed and Produced: Katy Fraser
Director of Photography/Camera: Katy Fraser
Drone Pilot: Katy Fraser
She Dives Tech

Second Camera: Sarah-Jane Bennett

Freediver: Naomi Gittoes
Naomi Gittoes – Artist Page

Bassline Drift:
Spotify: play.spotify.com/artist/5JswE3yJjoqWuEdFEHpXqa
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/ie/artist/bassline-drift/id972120766

Special thanks:
Christian Vizl UWPhotography
ProTec DiveCenter

Cave Diving Progression, Film Shoot, Filming Development, ProTec

ProTec Riverrun Cave Shoot

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We went out for the first time to film as a team on a stage dive at Ponderosa on the River Run line. Rob and Patrick took on the roles of models and Toro and I teamed up as film and lighting crew. It was great to work with someone doing my lighting and also acting as my safety diver. For a first time I think we got some awesome shots, it’s not as easy as it looks! I am very happy with the result!

Underwater film and editing by Katy Fraser
Land film and lighting by Toro

Panasonic GH4
Nauticam Housing/7-14mm lens/Wideangle Dome Port
Keldan Lights Luna 4