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Cenote Xulo & Mosquito Factory

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It was so much fun shooting Nick Clifford after his stage cave course with Mauro BordignonCave World. We had over 200,000 lumens of light to play with in some absolutely beautiful cave off the beaten path!! Hope to see you soon Nick, you did a great job for your first shoot!

Film & post-production Katy Fraser
Lighting Mauro Bordignon
Divers Nick CliffordAlina RotzingerSimon Velez & Mauro Bordignon
Music Geno Lesage

Dry Caving

Dry Cave Training

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Super fun evening with Mauro at Under the Jungle doing a vertical caving techniques workshop with Peter Sprouse, Juan and team. Really nice to see people bringing the community together in such a nice way, thank you for your time and effort! It is something I definitely left wanting to learn more about. Mauro is already plotting all the places he can hang ropes in the jungle around the house to send me up and down in preparation for summer dry caving in Europe … or at least I think that’s what he meant by hanging ropes for me … incase there is an ‘accident’ #repelling #verticalascent