Dry Caving, Film Shoot

Kantunchi Dry caving and Survey

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Final Day of dry caving … for now! OsamaDavide and I teamed up to explore and survey part of Kantun Chi whilst Peter, Angelica and Juan did another section. It was very small and crawly and 99% sump. It was Davide’s first time dry caving and hats off … we spent a long time in the cave and connected to a separate entrance.

Film and postproduction Katy Fraser
Sketching Osama Gobara
Cave survey Davide Felicetti & Katy Fraser
Music LeSage

Cave Diving Progression, Film Shoot, Filming Development

MNemo Demo

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Sebastien Kister‘s MNemo has been a game changer in Harry’s exploration and surveying of “String of Pearls”. It was really interesting to see it being put through it’s paces today and how fast and easy it is to use. Here is a short clip demonstrating just that …
If you are interested to find out more about the surveying tool check out Ariane’s Line and stay tuned for the documentary Harry and I are producing about this cave system which will include an in depth feature about device and it’s use in cave exploration.Film and post-production Katy Fraser
Product design Sebastien Kister
Explorer Harry Gust Tek-Center Cave Diving Mexico
Lighting Christine Loew Diving Caves
Music Geno LeSage

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