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OWUSS Rolex Scholarship Lighting Workshop

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Last month I had the pleasure to run a lighting workshop for The OWUSS North American Rolex Scholar Yann HF with his mentor Jon KierenKIEREN Technical through Underworld Tulum.
In the video I aim to walk you through the preparation of creating a scene in an aesthetic way. Yann worked hard thinking about light placement whilst dealing with the buoyancy changes involved with picking up and placing lights. The video then transitions into Jon and Yann working as a dive team as they would in a real shoot while the camera is rolling. They have to think about positioning, choosing the correct path to run a line through the set up and using face lights. I think we can all agree they did an excellent job at light placement and modeling, the cavern looks stunning. Best of luck Yann and very happy to have introduced you to my area of work!

Film Shoot

A Different Light

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Once upon a time in a Galaxy far far away … we gelled lots and lots of video lights transforming the caves here in the Riviera Maya into something truely out of this world. Here we take a journey through roots, under air domes and over haloclines. Needless to say this was extremely fun to shoot!

Big thank you to everyone involved and Makito Japanese and Thai restaurant in Puerto Aventuras and Zero Gravity Dive Center Mexico for your support with equipment.

Film and post production Katy Fraser
Lighting Mauro Bordignon & Katy Fraser
Divers Alina RotzingerSimon VelezDavide Felicetti & Flip Vernooij
Music LeSage

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Cenote Xulo & Mosquito Factory

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It was so much fun shooting Nick Clifford after his stage cave course with Mauro BordignonCave World. We had over 200,000 lumens of light to play with in some absolutely beautiful cave off the beaten path!! Hope to see you soon Nick, you did a great job for your first shoot!

Film & post-production Katy Fraser
Lighting Mauro Bordignon
Divers Nick CliffordAlina RotzingerSimon Velez & Mauro Bordignon
Music Geno Lesage

cave world, Film Shoot, Filming Development

DPV Cave dive in Tajma Ha

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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

Marking 3 years of collaboration with Bassline Drift and to many more years of teamwork with this group of people! Over 3 hours of placing light, waiting, modeling and all round having fun being creative. Big thanks to Marty O’ Farrell for the use of some BIG Big Blue lights/HID’s and your support with my work.

Inbetween some exciting projects with more exciting people in the next months look out for more of these compilations capturing some places around in a different light 🙂

Film Shoot

Cenote Carwash Cavern

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Refreshing to work with another creative! Bernadette and I teamed up to practise playing around with lighting in caverns yesterday, moved into cave today and will be diving again tomorrow. So far so good, communication is getting really smooth, I think we will have our own secret language by the end of this project … More footage to come!!

Film and postproduction Katy Fraser
Guide and lighting Bernadette Carrión
Music LeSage


cave world, Film Shoot, Filming Development

Halocline Xunaan Ha

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Marking all my little editing projects up to date … for now. Here is some stunning halocline, shot in Xunaan Ha! Alina and Simon did very well juggling lights for the first time and were very patient models … look forward to shooting more with you guys in the future. Tomorrow onto new projects at Cenote car wash with Bernadette 

Film & postproduction Katy Fraser
Divers Simon Velez, Alina Rotzinger & Mauro Bordignon, Cave World
Music LeSage

Cave Diving Progression, Film Shoot, Filming Development

Cenote Otoch-Ha

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Beautiful 3 hour DPV stage cave dive in Cenote Otoch-Ha today with MauroCave World … It kind of reminded me a bit of Super Mario Kart – Rainbow Road  #princesspeach #donkeykong #goprohero6#lightmonkeylights #fourthelement #santidiving #xdeep #bigbluelights#halcyondivesystems #suex #dpvcave #cavediving

Film and lighting Katy FraserMauro Bordignon

Cave Diving Progression, Film Shoot

Cenote “First Timer”

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Currently I am making a documentary on a new cave system ‘String of Pearls’ which is currently under exploration by Harry Gust and still growing!

It’s such an awesome place and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to shoot and document this cave.

This beauty is Cenote “First Timer” a cenote in the String of Pearls system! It hasn’t been visited since 2006. Harry attached a rope through the hole which you see top right and it was about a 5m descent to the floor. I then proceeded to get incredibly muddy and light the cave up for shooting some spectacular footage. I feel so fortunate to have spent the day in this amazing place with the bats!

#xdeep #bigbluedivelights