Biography: With over 7 years of underwater film and techincal diving experience Katy offers professional and creative 4k underwater film, lighting and post-production services to suit a specific brief, tailored to you. 

Katy took the the decision to pursue a career in underwater film at the age of 18. She was extremely lucky to find a true passion at such an early age and began to work in film in Thailand, then progressed through Trimix levels in the Philippines, Egypt and South Africa. It has been her mantra since the very beginning to become a proficient diver first and foremost then apply the skill to her camera operation.

In 2014 Katy moved to Mexico to train in cave diving which opened up a whole host of career opportunities. She is currently based there focusing on developing unique lighting techniques. Caves, as beautiful as they are, tend not to be very dynamic. You light it and it dries much like a painting, never to move again, unless you instigate that movement. Everything in the caves is slow to stationary and so her challenge is to take something which is forming in geological time and make it come alive in a space of minutes.

Over the past 7 years she has navigated her way through the technical diving industry, tailoring her own route with the aim of achieving her aspiration of Natural History camera operation. In May this year she achieved this dream landing a position as underwater camera operator for two episodes of a new BBC TWO series called ‘Expedition’ with presenter Steve Backshall and produced by James Brickell.

Katy’s ability to come up with unique concepts and execute innovative and ambitious ideas in challenging environments are a large part of why her career is currently gaining traction. Her next step is to continue expanding into the Natural History film world as an in house camera assistant for Silverback Films LTD in Bristol, working alongside some of the most prolific ‘Blue-Chip’ camera operators in the world.

The diving industry is a never ending learning experience, this is something Katy relishes and continues to take all opportunities to expand her skill and knowledge. This year she is focusing on progressing through and building up experience on her GUE and CCR certifications and plans to apply them to her assisting and film skillset.


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