Planet Scuba Mexico Cavern Video 2014


Filmed and edited by Katy Fraser

Music by Clozee



After 20 hours of long editing I completed the first of a series of promotional films for Planet Scuba Mexico. The video is a compilation of several Cenotes. I wanted to fill the video full of my best shots over a series of dives to create a strong representation about what people will see when they come here. This gave me time to review footage and plan which cenotes I needed to go back to and get different angles etc. Initially I went out on everyday tours with recreational divers to get an idea of the lines and places I thought I could get the best shots and took film on the fly and ended up with some usable footage. I then went back with Markus and Issac to certain places where I felt I needed more time or a shot needed some set up to fill in the gaps.

Filming in the cenotes is still very new and I have so many ideas about ways to creatively light the caverns to capture them more successfully as they are very dark in places. My video lights attached to my camera only works up to a point before the ISO is screaming or I am just left with too much darkness in my shot. This will be something I will practise in the next week so I can then apply it to filming the caves which will be my next project!

What I love about the diving here is that massive variation of dive sites, this video barely scrapes the surface of all the beautiful dives here so I look forward to making cavern video 2,3,4 +,  it will be hard not too!

Here is a lovely testimonial I received from up and coming French music artist CloZee

“Hey Katy! Thank you so much for using my music, it’s a really beautiful video! and thank you for sharing it with me! Hope you the best for the future Lots of Love from France Chloé”

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