Ocean Reef T-divers 2013

Filmed by Katy Fraser & Erik Brown

Edited by Katy Fraser




The Ocean Reef T-divers range is a mask specifically designed for technical diving. It is fitted with oxygen clean o-rings and parts within the regulator system so it can be used together with the high percentages of oxygen that are required for the decompression portion of technical deep dives.

My main role was filming and editing the commercial for promotional purposes. However it was exciting to be involved in the design of the hose configuration packages which are sold with the mask that cater for both backmount and sidemount. There was a lot of experimentation behind where we routed the hoses and their length so it could be dived as streamlined as possible. The aim of the commercial was to show people how we suggested the units should be configured and dived. It was filmed in the Red Sea in Dahab which provided a nice scenery and visibility to shoot the video and also easy access to the depth’s which the masks could be taken. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, the film was shown at DEMA in Orlando last year.

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