Hollis Explorer commercial

Filmed by Katy Fraser & Erik Brown

Edited by Erik Brown



This commercial was a total pleasure to shoot and I was thrilled to be involved. The aim of the film was to demonstrate to the viewer all the benefits of diving the unit. The voice over was by Matthew Robinson who I consider a good friend and great and knowledgable instructor on this rebreather unit along with many others.

The logistics included getting up at 4am to take the unit down to the water to get a time-lapse, it was so beautiful watching the sun rise and funny fighting off the roaming street dogs which were very persistent about getting in the shot! Then teaching the divers to set up the unit and take it for a dive. The film was put together over several days of filming new students on the unit and documenting their thrill in diving it. I think this is a nice angle as so many commercials today come across very staged.


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