Cenote shots from PADI shoot

An old friend Jonas got in touch asking if I would be interested in making a sidemount configuration and skills video for both recreational and technical sidemount. He recently took on a role as a PADI regional manager and was flying to India to do a presentation to help promote the sidemount market there and wanted a video to show people what it was all about. We had 10 days to do the shoot, finish the edit and send it off. Tamara and I jumped in for 4 days of filming in El Eden cenote. The in water skills portion of the shoot coincided with a tropical storm so it was challenging for the first two days because the water levels in the cenote had risen by about a foot and there was strong current which proved a difficult environment to perform demonstration level skills in! However for the final day the sun was shining and after 48 hours of non stop editing lots of coffee to keep myself awake we produced a nice film. PADI is still yet to confirm whether we can out their logos on it and if there is anything they would like adding in and changing but the draft was used for the presentation and Jonas was very happy with the end result which is nice! Here is a short compilation of shots I took but didn’t use in the final edit due to the 15 minute length the film ending up being just with configuration and skills. I felt very lucky to capture a bird hunting underwater which was a first for me and felt it needed to be shown somehow!



Filmed and edited by Katy Fraser

Diver Tamara Lelani May

Music by CloZee

Logistics and facilities provided by Planet Scuba Mexico

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