Film Shoot

TecRec Sidemount config/skill demo


Introducing Miss Tamara May doing her ‘thing’ demonstrating both recreational and technical portions of the sidemount config/skills demo video we shot a while ago. We were asked to film it for the first ever PADI TeRec instructor development course in India. It was fun working with you as always Tamara!! We are thrilled at the response these videos have had and are looking forward to doing more!


Filmed and edited by Katy Fraser
Thank you to Planet Scuba Mexico for the logistical support and Jonas Samuelsson for getting us involved


Jonas Samuelsson

‘When I had the chance to teach the first TecRec Instructor program in India end of last year I asked dear friends Hollis Ambassador Katy Fraser and Tamara Lelani May at Planet Scuba Mexico to produce a sidemount video and a tool that made it somewhat easier for my students to teach SM config and skill sets. There are of course many ways to config the gear depending on the brand you are using, but it helped me and my candidates so it might help you as well. I would like to thank Katy, Tamara and Planet Scuba for the time and effort. I also would like to thank Temple Adventures in India who organized the logistics in India during the course and of course Robert Scammell who covered for me the first days when my VISA was delayed smile emoticon. The video is free to be use by any PADI Instructors or TecRec Instructors conducting sidemount courses. ’



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