Cave Diving Progression

Assisting and Filming

Recently I have been shooting a sidemount demonstration video for the first PADI tecrec programme in India. Other than that I have been assisting on cave courses and also starting to film in the intro portion of the cave whilst the course is going on so I could get some shots for the cave video I am producing for Planet Scuba Mexico. It is coming together nicely but positioning is very hard on a course as you can’t come between the group and the line but also I can’t be deeper in the cave than the person reeling in and I can’t reel in and film. I also need to adjust my rig so it is more streamlined for a cave environment. I found the best way to shoot is on the turn around otherwise I am constantly filming divers from behind when filming on the dive in. I found the most productive way was to focus on taking scenic cave shots on the way in and concentrating on filming the divers on the way out. I feel I am within my limits taking my camera on these dives as it takes a long time for a new diver to connect to the cave line to begin with so due to time limits and gas limits and intro to cave course has due to the fact your limited to the rule of sixths it all feels very conservative. In December I plan to do stage cave so I have extra gas to allow myself to be a bit more independent whilst cave diving with a camera. Here are some of my latest Photos I took during the courses.

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