Cave Diving Progression

El Eden on Issac’s Cavern Guiding Internship

Markus and Issac decided to do some more training on cavern lines as part of Issac’s Cavern Guiding Internship so I went with them to get some more footage of El Eden. The Internship I think is a great concept, the aim is for you to become a good guide. Here in Mexico even the cavern systems are relatively quite complex and to jump in from doing full cave and start guiding I think is quite a bold move if not perhaps an irresponsible one. The courses is to help you learn the main lines and how to go about correct safety briefings and procedures, the ‘do’s and dont’s’ if you like of mexico cavern guiding. A lot of my friends want to get into the diving world, however the unknown is always a factor. It’s quite often that after doing instructor or dive master qualifications abroad you are left with the hard job of finding work and guidance as to how to obtain visas to do everything properly and on top it tends to be a long tedious process leaving you feeling somewhat lost.

We arrived at the site around 12 so the beams of light were at their brightest cascading through the mangrove roots in a beautiful array of colours, silhouetted to that backdrop were the two divers moving gracefully in trim. We were completely alone so I had so much room on shot angles on this dive, there was no frustration that usually entailed spending the dive cursing recreational divers for ruining my shot and it really beat the other cavern dives for that reason, this was really something to see and was a pleasure to shoot.

The question is on this dive do I credit Markus as a model or a personal trainer?I have been so used to filming cenote tours and how easy it is to keep up with divers when they have open toed Cressi fins on, that when I went to film two technical divers who are pretty decent when it comes to the art of propulsion, stopping to take a shot and then trying to get in front of them to take a different shot while they were trying to continue with the dive started off as a pretty challenging fitness work out and then quickly became the worlds hellish underwater marathon! There were so many beautiful shots EVERYWHERE! We talked about communication before the dive and went through all the shots, however I wanted to try to disrupt the dive as little as possible as Issac was trying to learn the lines, but once in there that shot list grew exponentially and so after spending the first portion of the dive finning around like a crazy person I resorted to stopping them and actually taking the time to position the shot correctly and I am very glad I did 🙂



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