Cave Diving Progression

Casa Cenote final shoot



Casa Cenote is an incredibly photogenic dive site, although fairly unchallenging it was still very satisfying to take my camera here as part of getting the final shots for the Cavern promotional video. Issac came along to both act as my model and also continue to train on his twinset. In comparison to filming with a buddy or people you know as opposed to the cavern tours I found I got much more rewarding footage, it’s easier to encourage the diver to interact with the camera and the dive is based around the shoot as opposed to shoot being based around a dive which is difficult because it feels as if your in a constant rush to get shots and not become separated from the group. As I am diving more in the dive sites here I am beginning to learn the lines, this also makes a big difference on the tours as I know the places I can get shots and which angles to shoot divers from so it’s not all just fins in my viewfinder. Knowing the site I feel gives room for more creativity.

Now I am on the final edit for the cavern film which is exciting!

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