Cave Diving Progression

Into the bird cage

Nohoch Nah Chich Is part of the Sac Actun system. The Mayan translation means ‘the giant bird cage’ which is very fitting due to its beautiful decoration! We drove down jungle road for a good while before we came across the Cenote. It was the first time both Markus and I had dived the site which was quite exciting however connecting to the cave line took some time.

On studying the map and talking to one of the Cenote workers we came to a general conclusion about where the line was.  On diving in I made my primary tie off, secondary tie off and we went to the left and came across a line, it wasn’t cave line like the previous caves I have dived it was still the explorer line and although we were still in the cavern zone when we hit the line I couldn’t see where the line started. After making a temporary T and placing my cookie we went right and headed into the cave. The passage was relatively small compared to what I had done previously but very heavily decorated with lots of small white stalactites, after finning for a few minutes the line ended on a jump, this wasn’t in the plan and as I am only intro to cave I could not complete the jump so we turned the dive as we had clearly taken the wrong line. I reeled back and we surfaced, we were still well within our 6ths so we descended this time to the right, under where all the snorkelers were swimming. It is a long dome of that goes back far into the cenote, we were under it right until we found the correct cave line. The line again was still explorer line which is the same thickness as my reel line, it had the original knots on it the person had made which was pretty cool.


Nohoch map


Although I didn’t spider web my line all over the cave I didn’t take the most direct route to the cave line this was mainly because I had never dived the cave before and therefore wasn’t 100% sure where it was. It was funny on reeling in on the way out a group of divers also had followed our slightly convoluted path to connect in, perhaps it was their first time too.

The dive was beautiful and has made the filming list with its big open white rooms and intricate decoration. This list seems to be ever expanding at the moment there are just so many beautiful dives here and each cave system seems to have it’s own unique quality.  The average depth for the whole dive was 6m! so we could easily do a 40min penetration well within both gas allowances and NDL.


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