Cave Diving Progression

First cave dive with my Camera

Yesterday I ventured just outside of the cavern zone for the first time with my Camera. We have been diving these selected intro cave lines repetitively to start building up to filming that way. This has the benefit of confirming the layout of the cave in my own mind, allowing a lot of time to choose shots and areas I know I want to film, note down the times I reach those at and plan the filming dives accordingly. On the first dive with no camera, we laid the line and calculated my SAC rate going for a regular cave dive and I also made notes of the places I would like to stop and take some film and photos. The second dive the camera came too, we repeated some safety drills and agreed on the importance of dropping the camera in the unlikely even of an emergency. Although distance wise into the cave the dive was shorter we happily spent 50 minutes in some of the first rooms containing halo-cline and stalactites. The dive went very smoothly. Arrows were placed on the line pointing towards the exit at points I stopped to take some shots. It was very useful to see how communication could be lost with large video lights like mine as on the turn around if diving in a normal formation, where roles are reversed and I lead out, any signal Markus would of then tried to put forward with his light to get my attention would be drowned out in my light. We dealt with this by planning the points on the first dive were I was going to film so I didn’t need to have my lights on all the time and Markus being in my view or very close by when I made the shots. My air consumption came out the same with and without my camera which was interesting. The difference between diving in caves and caverns is large and I am eager to take my time on this transition especially when taking the camera. At the moment just outside of the light zone is good enough for me, you don’t need to penetrate extremely deep in the caves here to see some of the amazing sights they have to offer.



katy filming chikin ha sdt

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