Cave Diving Progression

Old friends

Yesterday I went on my first cave dive after my course with good friend Markus who I did my courses with and Jeff who I met for the first time three years ago from my days as a videographer on Koh Tao showing my videos to open water students in his bar! and again in Dahab last year when he came to do 170m with Team Blue Immersion. The dives were incredible the first was a 30 minute dive in past Cenote Little Joe and up to Cenote Zacil. On the left between the two Cenotes there were these rooms where air had collected making it look from the angle we saw them at like the ceilings were huge iridescent mirrors and the Cenotes themselves added this eery green ambient light from their hydrogen sulphide layers. The second dive was my favourite dive so far. We penetrated further than the first dive on a different Cave line and it was a large underground vault with no cenotes to pass by just pure cave and a beautiful thick undulating halo cline throughout the whole dive. We managed to stay under it for most of the time but there were places that it became too close to the line and the fresh and salt water merged from our fin kicks sending what you could see into an oily blur. This was the first time I popped up to fin above the salt water layer and for a second it was if I had surfaced and was flying on top of water. Very surreal and I wish I could describe it better with photos! all in good time 

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