Cave Diving Progression

Line laying

More line laying practise today in preparation for my full cave course coming up! I left a month between my intro course and full cave, because I wanted to dive and master the skills I have learnt before adding more on top and also become comfortable with the distance I am travelling into the cave. My initial ties offs and connects into the cave have become faster and so the dive into the cave is further. I catch my self at points, especially when I am 25 minutes into the line and I am no where near my turn around point on gas, having strange realisations of the reality of where I am and what I am doing. I guess in many ways it is unnatural for humans to be underwater to start with, add darkness and no access to surface for long periods of time to that equation and it equals one hell of a lot of respect for the environment your in and the safety procedures you have learnt 🙂


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